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Did you know that your clothes could really influence your chances of landing that job? This means that you need to pay careful attention to what you wear to an interview to increase your chances of getting hired. Figuring out what to wear to an interview can sometimes be overwhelming since you want to make sure that you provide a good impression, but don’t want to be overdressed or underdressed. Here are some tips on dressing for an interview to help you land that job:

  1. Research The Company And Industry

What you should wear to an interview will depend on what type of job and company you’ve applied to. Some industries require a suit and tie, while others are more lax with their employees. Do some digging online to get a feel for what type of company it is.

  1. Call Their HR Department

When in doubt, just ask. If you can’t figure out the dress code of the company by going online, just call their HR department and have them recommend what sort of attire you should wear to the interview.

  1. Go Shopping

If you don’t have the right clothes in your closet for an interview, you’ll going to have to go shopping at a large department store. And if you still have no clue as to what to get, ask for help.

  1. Clean and Tidy

Make sure that your interview attire is clean and tidy. Get them pressed at your local dry cleaners if you don’t like to iron yourself at home. Just don’t show up with wrinkled or dirty clothes because it’ll reflect on the type of worker you are.

  1. Accessorize Appropriately

Don’t show up drenched in your perfume or cologne and make sure that you wear makeup and jewelry that’s appropriate for the job and company that you are interviewing with.

  1. Think About The Image You Want To Project

When dressing for an interview, think about the type of image you’d like to project when you’re sitting down with the interviewer and then dress accordingly.