menswearexchangeWhat does the name Simon Cobb mean to you? To some of you it won’t mean a great deal but over the past few years Simon has been making quite the name for himself in the fashion industry and you will probably have heard of his award winning store Menswear Exchange, which specialises in up and coming independent brands and celebrity inspired fashion.

So we thought it was about time we got an interview with the man who was named by Far Out magazine as one of the top 50 style icons in the UK. We discover what makes him tick, what inspires him and what he envisages for the future. Read the full interview below:

Okay,first of all thank you for agreeing to an interview.

No, thank you, the pleasure’s all mine.

Right, so we want our readers to know more about you.

Okay, for those of you that don’t know, I’ve been working in and around fashion for the best part of 5 years and I launched my store Menswear Exchange almost 2 years ago to some acclaim. I’m a father to a beautiful boy named Arlo and I spend whatever spare time I have with him. I don’t really want to give too big of an introduction….. [pause]

So let’s start with Menswear Exchange, what inspired this?

My love for fashion mixed with my fandom of Kanye Whavest to be honest, I’d always followed Kanye closely musically since I was about 12 but it was when he made his first foray into fashion with Pastelle clothing that I became really inspired. He’s been pretty much the biggest star in the world for the past 10 years and from a position of power he began to influence fashion with what he wore, he wore Bape and everyone then wanted Bape, he wore LRG then everyone wanted that…. So basically I would get hold of these items before they sold out and sell them on for a profit. However this no longer became a sustainable business model so I began sourcing independent fashion houses that could make Celebrity inspired looks, like how High Street stores make them themselves except because these fashion houses are far smaller, we are able to get Celebrity trends out there far earlier. If you see a jacket on Kanye or whoever and want one similar, you will find what you’re looking for 90% of the time at Menswear Exchange within weeks whereas with High Street stores you’re waiting 6 months to a year. So yeah that was the basis to start from and since then we have introduced well known Lifestyle brands like Converse, independent brands as well as the Stock Exchange.

What is the Stock Exchange?

The Stock Exchange is a self contained marketplace where consumers can negotiate with us whether to buy, make an offer or exchange/part exchange their collectible designer pieces for what we have on offer. We often have some very interesting pieces available and it has so far proved very successful.

Yes, we understand it has been awarded?

Yes, when we initially launched the Stock Exchange concept we won an ecommerce award for excellence in innovation, in 2014.

You mentioned you were a father, would you like to further comment on how you feel about that?

I don’t really want to elaborate too much as I value my privacy but I will say that being a father, being a parent is definitely the best thing to ever happen to me and my son Arlo means everything to me, nothing ive achieved would be possible without him as he motivates me to be better each and every day. If anyone is particularly interested in my journey as a father then I’m sure they’ll be well catered for with my instagram feed…. (instagram.com/simon.cobb).

Okay so here’s a quick trivial questionnaire to find out what makes you tick…. 

Favourite show?

Breaking Bad, my favourite comedy has to be Arrested Development.

Favourite album?

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, 808s & Heartbreak and Yeezus, I can’t choose between them..

Favourite destination?

New York

Favourite designer?

Kokon To Zai, for shoes it’s either Balenciaga or Nike.

And finally, what can we expect from you in the future?

There’s lots coming, I’m only just beginning but you can look forward to the launch of my clothing label Three Dreams in the near future as well as my clothing collaboration with campaign organisation Fathers 4 Justice. Aside from that you can look forward to lots of instagram selfies of me and my little man as we grow up together.

So there you have it guys, an introduction to the world of Simon Cobb and a little info on his current and upcoming projects. If any of you don’t already follow Simon or his businesses and want to keep up to date you can do so with the following links: