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Online shopping has taken off recently with stores offering drone service delivery or delivery within a 3 hour period, VIP flash sale and a free product with every purchase.

Loyalty with online shopping is becoming a big thing with stores offering gift cards through retail partners and sponsorship for music festivals.

Although it is a growing business around the globe, with some 41 percent of global internet users having purchased products online in 2013, the online shopping penetration rate varies from one country to another; as of 2015, China was the country where most internet users had bought a product online within the previous month. Other countries where online shopping is thriving are Germany, India, Brazil and United Kingdom.

Personally I’ve never really liked using online shopping because I was worried if the product didn’t fit or if it didn’t look right then would they take it back.

Another aspect is a lot of these online clothing stores are backed by large equity investors or owned by major corporations with no customers service.

So when I find a small owned business then of course i’m going to praise it like they so right deserve.

Mean Threads is small clothing company based in Preston, Lancashire. Owned and Managed by David Linder and currently employ 11 staff. Their aim is to constantly thrive to improve the quality of their products, create a new level of customer service and reduce prices.

David understands that fashion doesn’t need to cost you and arm and a leg and considering his demographic is younger males the quality of his products are durable and cost effective.

In the mens section of the website he has all the areas covered from street wear to formal attire.

Albeit the site is aimed for young males he has completed some market research and found women also need to be catered for and he has a number of ladies garments online.

Something else which is pretty remarkable is that he offers free delivery on all his products and if there is an issue then return it and he will send out another item.

David realised that if you spend time understanding your customers needs then you are better suited to understanding their wants. You will be able to give them the service and build a loyal customer base.

For instance when we ordered a product from them we received it within a day of ordering, the product was exactly how it was described on the website and the package was neatly presented.

In summary after spending money on other online stores we believe that this online e-store could be the next big thing. We highly recommend that you check the store out and support another amazing United Kingdom business.