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When I think of vacation, I almost always imagine some tropical oasis with mai tais and a giant pool by the beach. Or perhaps a walk through cobblestoned European avenues, enjoying gelato or crepes, sipping wine and taking in the beauty of well-planned garden cities. Camping? No. Never makes it on the list. I’ve never been, so maybe I don’t know what I’m missing. But the idea that was somewhat enticing as a child of braving the elements in a tent in unconditioned air, with the snakes, spiders, mosquitos and late night surprise meetings with creatures unknown as I stumble through the woods to use the restroom all seem…unappealing. Especially with the current era of fire pits in every hotel and backyard. I can make s’mores and tell stories by the fire here, thank you!

Then a few years ago, the buzzword started to pop up all the time –…

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