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Human Resources plays a very important role within any organisation but few employees realise the importance of this department.

Today we had the privilege of meeting with Allison who is the blogger behind Here Comes HR.

AllisonLizzadroPhotoAllison Megalis is the President of MCL Contracting Services. A HR Consulting and Specialty Equipment Rental Company located in the Chicagoland area. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Relational, Organisational, and Theory Communication with a minor in Sociology. She obtained her Master of Arts in Training and Development along with a Graduate Certificate in Performance Consulting. In 2010, Allison became certified as a Professional in Human Resources and then in 2014, became certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources recognised by the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). She is certified as a Quality Improvement Associate through American Society of Quality.

Her previous work experience includes Training Manager and Human Resources Manager. She started an internship right after college which led to a permanent position at a boutique consulting firm. She left to take on a role as Training Manager and eventually consolidated two departments both Training and Human Resources which were under her direction.

She is a published author in various human resources and training related text books. Allison serves on a variety of human resource related boards and committees. In her spare time, she enjoys living in the city of Chicago with her husband, hanging out with the friends she has had since she was in grade school, and loves to write. She started the blog Here Comes HR (www.herecomeshr.com) a blog about the ins and outs of Human Resources. Her target audience is managers, HR professionals, and people in the workforce looking for ways to put their best foot forward.

What made you start a blog?

This may sound cliché but I have always wanted to be my own boss. When I was younger, I would come up with these crazy business plans, every week I was going to “own” a different type of business. I wanted to be a hair stylist so I was going to own a salon, I love candy and thought to open a candy shop, I loved cars so I was going to be a mechanic and own my own auto repair shop; I was going to be a flagger and then own a construction company. Any interest I had, I was going to own that business. And one day in college, after declaring another business I wanted to own my best friend said to me “Al, you know, you’ve come to me with these new ideas and businesses for 15 years, they are all unique and different but you know what they all have in common?” I didn’t know. “You want to own them, what you really want to be is an entrepreneur. And when you find what you love to do then you will own a business and be great at it.” She was absolutely right.

My most recent venture is the start of my new blog Here Comes HR. This is a really fun and creative experience for me. It seems very creative since I am coming from a corporate background so I am really enjoying this. My blog focuses on workplace topics and issues. My target audience is anyone that is working in the corporate world that wants to know more about current topics and best practices.

Tell us a little about the products and what sets them apart from others on the market? 

For the sake of time, I will speak on behalf of the HR consulting division. I offer an array of services. This division is project based and works with smaller companies that may not have an HR department. Things like creating an employee handbook, compensation strategies, setting up an interviewing process, training someone in personnel to get a little bit more involved in the HR function, etc…. Then there are larger companies that are more long term contracts overseeing their HR department to ensure processes are optimal and complaint. It is the goal of the company to always finish a project exceeding the expectations of the customer.

What sets my company apart from other consulting firms is that I focus on all areas of HR and I love HR so much that there is no area that I won’t get into. There isn’t a project too small or too large. If I get a very large project I have an awesome network of people that I can partner with. I really do love HR and if I had all the money in the world, I would probably provide services for free. So since I can’t do that, I started a blog called Here Comes HR. This blog targets HR professionals, Employers, Managers or anyone that wants to read about workplace issues and topics. I named my blog Here Comes HR because every time I would walk into a breakroom at an office, someone would say “Uh oh here comes HR” hopefully they were kidding but it would happen often. They also called me the Grim Reaper but I didn’t want to start a blog called the Here Comes the Grim Reaper (for obvious reasons).

 What are the challenges you have faced?

The challenges I have faced when starting a business or creating my blog is that you have to do it all yourself. You may be great at something but you need to be great at all aspects of business. You become the operations manager, the President, the CFO, the office manager, the HR Director, the marketing team, you are it! So that has taken some getting used to but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We have one life and if you don’t put in your time doing what you love, then you may not be as fulfilled. I am a true believe in “YOLO” you only live once.

If you are in HR or own a business we highly suggest you follow her blog today.