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AREN’T all movies guy movies in some respect?

Not to generalise here, but, as a guy, I can attest to the fact that all men will watch whatever is put in front of them, so long as they’re promised a hint of burning debris or cleavage.

Still, it’s all good: action movies, thrillers, and comedies are a no-brainer, so-called “chick flicks” are awesome, and musicals are make people wanna sing and stuff.

But the guy-guy movie — the physical manifestation of steak, cologne, whiskey, and football is as easy to spot as a flamingo in a football field.

These 20 movies, picked for the particular way they make us dudes feel way down in our ice-cold steel hearts are the ones every guy can look to when he needs a manly boost.

These are also movies that you want to watch with a group of people; we’re not looking at intricate, you-need-to-follow-every-second plot lines, but rather movies with unforgettable moments that are best digested in a group.

They’re funny, they have explosions, and more than one of them star Bill Murray — no surprise there.

Here are the 20 manliest movies out there, ranked for greatest to greatest-smothered-in-cheese:


Okay, I’m as excited for the new Ghostbusters movie as the next guy, but we can all agree the original will be very hard to beat. You’ve got the unbeatable combination of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis paired with an inconceivably catchy theme song that made this summer blockbuster an instant classic. Procuring a myriad of quotable scenes (“We came, we saw, we kicked its ass”) and an obnoxious-yet-charming ghost named Slimer that was reportedly created as tribute to John Belushi, it’s no wonder why every guy on earth can sit down with his pals and watch this film.

Three blokes who prove you don’t need to be a hunk to be a star.

Three blokes who prove you don’t need to be a hunk to be a star. Source: News Corp Australia


Office Space is an absolute cult classic that celebrates (wait, is celebrates the right word?) the culture behind being a corporate drone. It goes through literally every stage of hating your job and your life along with it, but offers a solution — albeit, a terrible one — for anyone who thinks every single day is the worst day of their life. With enough quotes to fill an entire day … and then some, and the iconic printer-smashing montage in the park, Office Space is the perfect dude movie for the guys who have a steady job, but just aren’t quite ready to enjoy it yet.


Not only is The Hangover one of the best comedic trilogies out there, but it’s based on a situation that, sadly, way too many guys can relate to. Sure, not all of us have woken up to Mike Tyson, a tiger, and a system coursing with roofies, but things can get pretty hairy when you’re in Vegas with Zach Galifianakis. The unfortunate adventures of Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, and Galifianakis are the pinnacle of dudes trying just a little too hard to have a memorable night — which is ironic once you think about it, as the whole point of the series is that they can’t remember a damn thing. Still, it celebrates a side of manliness that can be embarrassing to some, the side that appreciates the unknown and unexpected.


“If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” Truer words have never been spoken. Well, they probably have, but not by Rip Torn at any point of his life.Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story doesn’t need “a true underdog story” in the title to be considered a true underdog story. It’s the tale of a guy, his gym, and a way-less-cool guy trying to put his gym out of business. Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller are magnificent enemies with the latter of which channelling his Heavy Weights days as the evil-and-fit White Goodman. The addition of Christine Taylor provides some much-needed sexiness to this movie full of sweaty dudes, making it an all-round awesome sports movie with unstoppable hilarity.


It’s really a shame that the manliest man in the world isn’t real — but he sure felt a staple of society with Mike Myers at the helm. As Basil Exposition puts it … in an expository sense, “Women want him, and men want to be him.” Austin may have had his foibles, namely his infatuation with that Swedish-made penis enlarger, but he was the answer to every James Bond film that took itself a little too seriously. Fun fact: Mike Myers put on his British accent around his wife, who then suggested he turn it into a bit, which eventually turned into Austin Powers.

It takes a special man to pull off a ruffled shirt. Respect.

It takes a special man to pull off a ruffled shirt. Respect. Source: News Limited


If you’ve seen Groundhog Day once, you’ve seen it a million times. In the original screenplay, Phil was trapped in the time loop for over 10,000 years in the same town, slowly accruing different talents and pieces of information of the people in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. Harold Ramis went on record saying it was anywhere from 10 to 40 years, but we all know it takes at least a decade to work up the courage to ask out someone as startlingly beautiful as Andie MacDowell. Piano lessons aside, Bill Murray’s character shows the world what would happen to any regular guy if he happened to get stuck in a mysterious blip in the universe — indulging in hedonism to his heart’s content and — of course — going utterly insane.


Something all guys can relate to (unless they’re a muscled superhero with thick hair and leg-sized arms) is the underdog tale. The story of Rod (brilliantly played by Andy Samberg) in Hot Rod is one that all guys who’ve ever dreamt about something unattainable, stupid, yet awesome, can understand. Rod Kimble is a small-town slacker who just wants to be a stuntman and will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal. Through thick, thin, and the brilliant Will Arnett, he does the unthinkable, and clears 15 buses to save the life of the stepfather he longs to beat up. Boy, it really sounds extra ridiculous when it’s written all out like that.


Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, but Face/Off is actually one of the greatest movies ever made. Is it ridiculous? Yes. Does it make sense? Not all the time. Does Nicolas Cage blow everyone’s socks off? Hell yes! It’s a testament of the 90s, where the explosions were huge and no one felt the need to ask why explosions were there in the first place. For those unaware of the plot of this aptly-named movie, Travolta is FBI agent, Sean Archer, who literally switches faces with a ruthless terrorist, Castor Troy, to save LA from a bombing. Troy, played by Cage, becomes Archer and vice-versa and then nothing makes sense for about 130 minutes. It’s loud, unabashed fun that will make your brain explode if you try to rationalise it. Just sit back, relax, and watch two men wear each other’s faces like masks.


Is Superbad super-manly or as manly as you can get in the shoes of a couple of high school losers? We’d like to think it’s the latter sprinkled with the former. Superbadshould remind everyone watching of their high school years, even though we all want to say we were cooler than Seth and Evan (Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, respectively) but we all went through a phase where we’d do anything — literally anything — to get attention from a girl. Of course there are some cringey moments … like when Michael Cera is forced to sing These Eyes or basically any scene with McLovin, but there are also some killer sequences that allow you to sit back and feel the nostalgia run through your body as the beer runs down your chin.

True story. McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) was only 17 so his mum had to be present o

True story. McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) was only 17 so his mum had to be present on set during his scenes. Awks. Source: News Limited


Clint Eastwood as the nameless hero in Sergio Leone’s Spaghetti Western spectacular, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, reinvented the idea of the cowboy badass in a genre where John Wayne previously reigned supreme. Eastwood’s IDGAF attitude coupled with the perpetual cigar clenched in the corner of his mouth makes him the protagonist you can’t stop rooting for as he searches for that damn Confederate gold. For those unaware of Leone’s previous work, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly is the third movie in the western Dollars Trilogy, following A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More.

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