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Knowing what you want to say is an important part of sharing information, but actually creating an awesome and attention-grabbing presentation is a whole different story!

We’ve all sat through boring meetings where somebody read off of Powerpoint slides word-for-word. This is probably the worst way to present, and unfortunately it’s also one of the most common. To step out of the crowd and create a great presentation, here are 5 easy steps for success.

1. Prepare a Strong Foundation

A Powerpoint presentation is still the cornerstone of almost any presentation you may deliver today. A good Powerpoint presentation, however, is not as simple as many people may like to think. A Powerpoint should be a supplement to a larger presentation. It should help you present information and keep your audience focused. Getting help from a Powerpoint expert, like with this Gig from Mary_ross, can help you make sure your foundation is solid, polished and ready for the big show.

2. Catch Your Audience’s Attention

Sometimes introducing yourself and your presentation can be the hardest part. People aren’t interested yet in what you have to say, and they are eager to lose focus and get back to checking their cellphones. An attention-grabbing intro video, such as the ones made by Calimode, can be a great way to smoothly introduce your audience to your presentation and pique their interest.

3. Include Data

People trust numbers, it’s just a part of human nature. No matter what you are presenting on, including relevant data to make your point ensures that your audience will take you more seriously, will give your conclusions more weight, and will understand the importance of your topic. Wrangling data isn’t easy though, and messy charts can have the opposite effect than intended – confusing your audience and diminishing your professionalism. A pristine Excel chart, like the ones made by Fiveeree, can help you stay on point and make a great impression.

4. Add an Element of Fun

Remember how you have to enter with a bang to catch the audience’s attention? Well, by the time you make it through part of your presentation, they may be losing focus again. All it takes is one person in the audience to drift their attention away and suddenly others will follow, no matter how intriguing your presentation may be. Snap everyone back to attention with a fun and engaging element that they can’t help but enjoy! For example, a whiteboard animation by Mcurhec is a great way to continue making progress in your presentation while changing it up a bit to keep people hanging on your every word.

5. Make it Accessible

Regardless of your topic and your audience, whether they are experts or novices, making information accessible is a key part of any presentation. If information is not accessible, then you risk alienating your audience and distancing them from your presentation altogether. One of the best vehicles for creating accessible and engaging information is the infographic. An infographic is a visual representation of information, including data. Easy-to-follow and interesting infographics, like the ones that Forfivver makes, can help take your presentation to the next level.

So there you have it, 5 key steps to creating a great presentation. With these tips you’ll be sure to leave your audience engaged, entertained, and informed. Armed with these resources, you’re well on your way to making waves and impacting others with any presentation you might give!

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