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As an Australian based blog we love to support local business. A few days ago we discovered an amazing online store based in Canberra.

Here they use brush-lettering technique to create the black and white inspirational quotes to being us something that not only inspires creativity but looks great in our office.

Illuminate Quotes mission is to inspire and motivate people to do amazing things in business and in life and these quotes really do.

They say even the most successful people need a little inspiration to keep them on track, driving them towards their goals. Illuminate aims to provide that beautifully designed spark to inspire others to live life in a more purposeful way.

We spoke with the owner of the business who said

Experimenting with hand-lettering techniques I fell in love not only with the simplicity and stunning design, but also with the way that no two letters are the same, which gives it that unique touch. In furnishing my home after renovating it, I found a real gap in the market for this type of design. Starting Illuminate allowed me to create meaningful pieces to reflect my space and inspire me everyday!happy_birthday_card_photo_

Illuminated Quotes prints are all hand-lettered using a brush lettering technique, which is sometimes confused with typography. The concept of lettering is very simple; it’s the art of drawing letters and is a type of art form. A lot of prints out there are done just using typography, whereas Illuminate Quote’s prints are handmade and unique to their lettering style. They also focus on the inspiring part of the prints, finding motivating quotes that they know people will love to hang on the wall of their study or in their business to look at to remind them that they can do amazing things!

But with all startups they have faced some challenges. The main challenge Illuminate Quotes has faced have been with navigating the complicated world of shipping and fulfilment. There isn’t a whole lot DoonethingthatscaresyoueverydayLargePrint600x600of information out there about the most efficient way to ship products and finding packaging and shipping methods that suits out products has been a learning curve. With this learning curve they have been able to find a successful method to ensure that your print arrives in pristine order.

We highly recommend you jump online and visit their website to view their full stock.

You can be assured that our staff are slowly going to start collecting the entire range.

We can only see good things for this company.

View their website here www.illuminatequotes.com