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Daniel Wicharz joined European online payment provider Skrill at the end of 2013. In his role as Senior Sales Executive he is responsible for sales operations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Benefitting from his longstanding sales experience he is in charge of developing and delivering sales strategies to promote Skrill’s product portfolio and to increase sales.

Prior to Skrill, Daniel worked as Senior Sales Representative for payment provider PayPal where he gained experience in the e-payment industry. Before this, he worked for several well-known companies, including Google and Apple.

Today we got to sit down with Daniel and ask him a few questions.

What made you get into the Financial Sector?

I started in the industry in order to boost my career. I knew from the beginning that online payments and online trade was the future and that this is a growing business with lots of opportunities. I was and am fascinated by the speed with which the business evolves and the advantages it brings to both the consumers and the merchants.

What sets Skrill apart from its competitors?

A good payment method distinguishes itself from the others by a) being user friendly b) reduces fraud and suspicious activity to a minimum and c) increases the conversion rate. This last point is underestimated. Think about how many online payments stuck/ fail due to consumers “giving up” and moving their business elsewhere. This is the challenge especially online-shops face. I am glad I can help many merchants avoiding conversion losses and gaining loyal (recurring) customers that are happy with their shopping experience from the beginning till the end.

What are the challenges you and the product face?

The typical challenges people face is price and technical challenges. Changing for example a PSP (Payment service provider) solution can be a technical challenge and many merchants hesitate touching their technical infrastructure. However I can tell from experience that a) it does save a lot of money especially in the long run and b) sticking to an old system that is insufficient will cost even much more over time. So I can and do recommend online merchants to be bold and to stay at the forefront of technology. Otherwise – and I have seen this happening many times- the competitors will take over and businesses disappear. Payments are terribly important to any merchant, on- and offline. If your payment infrastructure is out of date business will drop, so I encourage everyone to focus on payments and therefore invest in the future of prosperous business.

It was indeed a pleasure to speak with Daniel today and I’m sure that we will be seeing more from him soon.