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Who knew stag semen could taste so good?

Who knew stag semen could taste so good? Source: Flickr

FANCY a beer with semen in it? Well, we’ve got good news for you then.

The Green Man pub in Wellington, New Zealand is launching a beer laced with “export grade” stag semen.

Evidently, the male stags are “milked” of their semen before it’s added to the brewing process of the creamy-textured stout.

“We only deal with the best,” pub co-owner Steve Drummond told stuff.co.nz.

Mr Drummond is confident the ballsy beverage will be well received as it’s timed to coincide with New Zealand’s upcoming craft beer festival, Beervana.

“We sort of like, looked at the whole craft beer scene and thought what could we do that’s a bit outrageous, a bit Green Man,” he said.

Surprisingly though, it’s not the pub’s first foray into semen infused offerings. According Mr Drummond, in 2011 the pub’s apple-infused horse semen shots proved popular with women.

The not-so-secret ingredient has reportedly come from a seven-year-old Geraldine sire stag named Hannibal. Apparently Hannibal has “impeccable DNA”.

The beer will be served in the older-style handpump and not the forced carbonated taps like most beers these days, ensuring a smooth and creamy product.

“There’s only one way to serve semen stout and that’s handpulling it,” Mr Drummond said.

But before you get ahead of yourself, the creamy texture of the beer is mostly a result of the added lactose — rather than Hannibal’s contribution.

The brewery tasked with creating the beer, Choice Bros Brewery, said while it may a bit on the adventurous side, it’s far from the weirdest beer they’ve brewed.

“The first tasting we had a couple of brewers around and we were passing it around … everyone was apprehensive but we decided we didn’t really have any reason to be,” Choice Bros brewer Kerry Gray told stuff.co.nz.

It may be likely to induce the gag reflex of some patrons, but the owners of the Green Man are hoping true beer lovers will be frothing to try the new stout.