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Let’s start with Internet marketing. This promotion and creation of sites on the Internet .Promoting various products, websites, brands using online marketing. Fixed and approved by the image of the product. Internet marketing has many branches. They are designed to simplify the user experience. You simply select the desired industry and work in it. Consider these industries. The first and most important – it is certainly the creation of sites and the various portals. For this purpose, web design, programming. Next there is a branch of the search sites and, consequently, their advance. The following industries – the advertising industry.

It is divided into sectors of conventional advertising, video advertising and advertising in social networks. The latter type of advertising is the most popular. Online Marketing – is the most popular innovation today. Since we live in a world of computer technology, access to the Internet is practically at all. Therefore, internet marketing can use all. It’s a great way to earn money. It’s fast, convenient, reliable, and most importantly, you cannot go home and work at home.
The next type – mobile marketing. Today – this is a very popular form of marketing. After all, a cell phone every person. Mobile Marketing – it’s all marketing options that use mobile devices and are not vocal means of marketing. For example, it may be sending sms shares, coupons for mobile devices and so on.

Service certificates. This is also a kind of e-marketing. This is due to the fact that the computer needs to service data function. Each city has its own help desks. This can be a service that provides various information. For example, weather information, general information, information about the city, its sights, the availability of pharmacies and whether there are drugs in them. You can learn and the way how to drive anywhere, whether there are any kinds of tickets, air, rail, bus. Also, you can provide information on entertainment in the city, where to go, what activities are planned and when. You get all kinds of information. This is very useful for tourists, residents and visitors easy.

E-commerce – is an integral part of today’s marketing. E-commerce marketing – interactive.This can be explained by the fact that both the consumer and the manufacturer, as they say, in the same boat. They have the same rights and responsibilities. The manufacturer may at any time to know the opinion of the consumers about the product, its quality, convenient and safe. And this information is easy to handle. Due to this, the manufacturer has the ability to change its policy of marketing and change the number of products. It depends on the demand.

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