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We all live in our own worlds and we tend to overlook the real problems in our lives.

I opened up the newspaper this morning and was confronted with an image of a lifeless body of a toddler who had drowned.

WARNING: Graphic images.

THE shocking image of a toddler’s lifeless body washed ashore on a Turkish beach after a refugee boat sank has sparked horrified reactions, as the tragedy of Europe’s burgeoning crisis hit home.

The body of the little boy could be seen lying face down in the sand near Bodrum, one of Turkey’s prime tourist resorts, before he was picked up by a police officer in photographs taken by the Dogan news agency.

The corpses of 12 migrants, among them five children and a woman, were found and 15 others were rescued, some surviving by reaching the shore in life jackets.


The coastguard, backed by helicopters, was continuing its search for three people still missing, a statement said.

Dogan reported that most of the refugees were from the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobane who fled to Turkey last year to escape violence by Islamic State extremists.

The Turkish coastguard said two boats had sunk after separately setting off from Turkey’s Bodrum peninsula for the Greek Aegean island of Kos early Wednesday.

Tragic ... the image of the little boy washed up on a beach near the Turkish resort of Bo

Tragic … the image of the little boy washed up on a beach near the Turkish resort of Bodrum, Turkey, has sparked outrage. Picture: AP Photo/DHA Source: Supplied

The hashtag “#KiyiyaVuranInsanlik” (“Humanity washed ashore”) made it to Twitter’s top world trending topics after the image was widely shared.

The world’s press also weighed into the crisis, describing the horror of the images.

“The harrowing image that shows the true tragedy of the refugee crisis,” read a headline in Britain’s Daily Telegraph, while the Guardian said the photo “brought home” the horror of the situation.

“If these extraordinarily powerful images of a dead Syrian child washed up on a beach don’t change Europe’s attitude to refugees, what will?” The Independent said.

The question is how does this relate to entrepreneurial-ship?

Easy many people arrive in Europe, Asia and Australia to start a new life, to escape forces of evil. Many of these people are Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers and often entrepreneurs themselves.

What do we do when they arrive? We either  lock them away, treat them like the plague or simply ignore them.

Whats stopping them from being the person who cures cancer, builds or invents something that can help heal hundreds of millions or simply add value to our society.

We live in a world of fear, luxury and indulgence. Don’t worry i’m guilty of this myself. Therefore we as humanity needs to step up.

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Its time for change.

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