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If you are around Brisbane and in the startup sector many of you would have heard people talking about#ProjectYouAUS.

Its a program built by the team here at The HugoInga Company to help up and coming Entrepreneurs successfully enter the market with the support and guidance of mentor and other leaders who will help them along the path.

Lets look into why the program was setup.

In early 2007 it was evident that many startups didn’t understand the complexity to starting a business and the costs that are associated with running a business full-time.

It was evident that future entrepreneurs didn’t have the support from the larger business community or the banks. Fast forward to 2014/2015. Banks have started to lend money to entrepreneurs but more so investors wanting high returns are funding some major projects.

Buts what the use of all this money if you don’t know how to run, promote or even get your idea off the ground.

In comes The HugoInga Company a full service mentoring and business advisory firm started to help entrepreneurs succeed. The problem is that many people feel that having a mentor means its going to be expensive and potentially a mentor will steal your idea.

Incorrect the team here at The HugoInga Company purely mentors and guides you along the way. But your right there is a cost and its not what you might think. We charge a flat fee of $399 per week exclusive of Goods and Services Tax.

So what exactly do you get out of this. Lets break it down to the easiest and most simplistic terminology.

  • You receive a mentor who will help guide you and shape your idea to ensure it become a reality;
  • You receive access to our accountants, lawyers and investor database;
  • You receive 3 hours a week with our marketing staff and access to our event management company to help with planning the launch and building brand awareness;
  • Information Technology and Creative Design access;
  • Free access to our Project Management Software.

Now it might not seem much but if you did this all individually and on your own you could be spending thousands of dollars a week.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting more information about #ProjectYouAUS, so stay tuned.